COVID Management for Restaurants

A simplified and secure way to report which guests have visited your restaurant

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Easily meet your legal requirements

As part of the relaxing of social distancing laws, restaurants will have to adhere to certain requirements.

Contact Roll

We record the required contact information for each patron to assist health authorities with contact tracing in the event of a positive COVID-19 test.

No Customer Account needed

The customer simply scans the QR code and enters the required contact details. We do not collect any other private information, and we only share the vistor register with health authorities.

One step recording

A unique QR Code for your restaurant can be scanned by any mobile device.

$0 cost to you

Restaurant Roll is free for you to use.


A team of fintech specialists have created this product to help after COVID.

Chris Dwyer

Chief Executive Officer

Henry Newton

Chief Digital Officer

Jasmine Dwyer

Chief Marketing Officer


Restaurant Roll is free to use. We are offering this solution to restaurants and cafes at no cost. If you are a multi-location, or franchise, then please contact us to see how we can create a custom solution for your specific needs.

Multi Location

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  • Up to 5 locations
  • Up to 5 QR codes
  • Retail POS Kit - QR Codes
  • digitally delivered QR Codes
  • Online staff awareness training
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  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited QR codes
  • Retail POS Kit - QR Codes
  • digitally delivered QR Codes
  • Online staff awareness training
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Frequently Asked Questions

Enabling Restaurants and Cafes to open, and remain open after COVID Lockdown has been eased.

Why are we doing this?

RestaurantRoll was created specifically to handle the re-opening of cafes and restaurants after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. The aim is to give each location the ability to ensure they abide by newly formed regulations.

Why can't we just use the COVID-Safe App?

There is no way that a cafe or restaurant can know if every patron has installed the App. So to ensure that the Cafe abides with regulations, we created RestaurantRoll. Also, some customers may not want COVIDsafe on their phone.

What about my privacy?

We only collect the minimum personal information that is legally required and we will only provide your personal details to health authorities.

So how does it work if I test positive?

If you do test positive, the health authorities will request a search of our system for your mobile number. If a match is found, we prepare a contact tracing map with a list of mobile numbers for them to contact. We are not required to provide the details of the restaurant to the authorities. We just share the mobile numbers of those who were nearby.


Email is our preferred method, purely due to the high volume of contact we are receiving right now.

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